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    "Every Story Is Unique"


    Experience a journey from America's true beginnings.

    Witness the faith of a people fully committed to building a nation that honored the God they all served.

    Re-live some of the most powerful moments in time, that will connect generations for all time.

    Who We Are

    Filmharmonic Productions, LLC, is a live virtual concert production company, whose mission is to provide an artistic representation highlighting the heritage of America and her Christian Foundation. This mission is fulfilled in live performance, using a variety of the most current forms of multi-art entertainment. This will provide a unique opportunity to reach America's Families.
    The initial production that Filmharmonic has created "Grace For A Nation", is the first in a series of live innovative multi-media virtual concert events incorporating an entirely new performing arts concept known as Filmharmonic.

    We the People

    Filmharmonic Productions is its members! To launch this ambitious vision, a variety of talented personnel were secured, representing all areas in the fields of business and live concert stage productions. We boast a combined experience and educational level that would be difficult to surpass. Our list of diverse backgrounds blends to create a final product that is truly unique.

    Grace For A Nation

    Our Spiritual Heritage

    A Thrilling Experience!

    Filmharmonic Production's epic fully staged live concert musical experience: Grace For A Nation is a stunning multi-media stage performance designed to create a Spiritual Infusion by taking ALL Generations of Americans on a journey of our National Spiritual Heritage. Using cutting-edge technology, our team of professionals will produce a riveting impression of America's incredible legacy.

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